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Wellcome Trust announced its new policy on open access publishing

Wellcome Trust announced its new policy on open access publishing, Essentially, the Wellcome Trust’s new policy will force the research it funds to be made publicly and freely available online within the first six months of publication. new open access policy here, or you can watch this video. or  here.

The Wellcome Trust world’s largest funders of medical research. more details here



IITH Student bagged 35 Lakhs per Annum

IITH B.Tech. student, Arun Chaitanya bagged an offer of Rs.35 lakh per annum. IITH PLACEMENT

Dr Narasimha,M has won 2010 “IIME KHARE Award “

Dr.Narasimha Mangadoddy of the department of chemical engineering of the institute has won 2010 IIME KHARE Award for the best paper titled Multi-phase modelling of hydrocyclone:Validation of particle size distribution against sampling probe data authored by M.Narasimha, M.S. Brennan and P.N. Holtham. This paper was presented in the IIME International seminar on “Mineral Processing Technology-2010″ held at Jamshedpur during 15-17 December, 2010”

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