Animated Research Tutorial:Rutgers Riot

Rutgers Riot Animated Research Tutorial

 Rutgers’ Riot is an animated research tutorial. It plays like a five part animated movie. Each part of the movie features characters explaining an aspect of the research process. The five parts are selecting a topic, finding sources, choosing keywords, identifying citations, and evaluating sources. There are text documents available to accompany the videos.

five modules:

MODULE 1: Selecting a Topic

When picking a topic, focus on a specific question by applying limiters. Limiters narrow the topic by making it more specific.


  • Time period
  • Geography/location
  • Population

Google or Wikipedia can be useful in the early stages of research, to help you learn more about the area you want to research so you can pick a specific topic. Just remember that this is only the first step in your research.

MODULE 2: Finding Sources

Primary sources are original works written, created, or produced during the particular time under study.


  • Original documents: autobiographies, letters, diaries, memoirs, speeches, interviews, official records, news film footage, photographs, research reports, research data
  • Creative Works: paintings, sculpture, poetry, novels, musical scores
  • Artifacts:  clothing, tools, buildings, weapons, fossils

Secondary sources rely on primary sources for information.


  • First-hand analysis: Interpretations, evaluations, commentaries, or discussion of primary sources

Tertiary sources are yet one more level removed from the primary source and generally refer to tools for finding primary and second sources.


  • Indexes, databases, and bibliographies
  • Library online catalogs
  • Dictionaries and encyclopedias


For more details :

Source: and  Stephen blog


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