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Prof.U.B.Desai(Director, IIT Hyderabad) interaction with Kendriya Vidhyalayam students at Begumpet : 20th National Children’s Science Congress (NCSC)

Surprise of Little Scientists with their experiments at Kendriya Vidhyalayam

little scientists with their wonderful innovations


TEXTUS Project:An Open-Source Platform To Help With Reuse Cultural Heritage Materials

The combination of freely available digital copies of public domain works, open bibliographic data and open source tools has the potential to revolutionise research in the humanities. However, there are currently numerous obstacles which mean that they are often under utilised by scholars and students in teaching and research.


From project summary

JSTOR released ebooks

JSTOR released eBooks at JSTOR . list of eBooks

Publishers includes :

  1.     Boydell and Brewer
  2.     Brookings Institution
  3.     Catholic University of America Press
  4.     Central European University Press
  5.     Columbia University Press
  6.     Cornell University Press
  7.     Edinburgh University Press
  8.     Harvard University Press
  9.     Hong Kong University Press
  10.     McGill-Queen’s University Press
  11.     Modern Humanities Research Association
  12.     Ohio University Press
  13.     Penn State University Press
  14.     Princeton University Press
  15.     RAND Publications
  16.     Russell Sage Foundation
  17.     Society of Biblical Literature
  18.     University of California Press
  19.     The University of Illinois Press
  20.     The University of Minnesota Press
  21.     The University of North Carolina Press
  22.     University of Pennsylvania Press
  23.     The University of Texas Press
  24.     University of Toronto Press
  25.     University Press of Mississippi
  26.     Yale University Press

Indian-born Vishakha Desai(expert on Asian art) has been appointed US Museum Board

Indian-American Appointed to US Museum Board, another as MIT Digital Learning Director
Indian-born Vishakha Desai, a leading expert on Asian art, has been appointed by the Obama administration as member of the National Museum and Library Services Board, a key administrative post. A graduate from Bombay University, Desai studied from the University of Michigan.
An Indian-American professor of mechanical engineering and IIT alumni has been appointed as the first director of digital learning of the prestigious Massachusetts Institute of Technology (MIT).Sanjay Sarma, the Fred Fort Flowers and Daniel Fort Flowers Professor of Mechanical Engineering, will work closely with the Institute faculty and students to assess how new models of online instruction might become integral parts of MIT students education. The announcement was made by MIT president L Rafael Reif.  A 1989 IIT alumni, Sarma has long worked to develop new instructional techniques for mechanical engineering students.
Source: The Indian Express (  22nd Nov 2012)

32 brain-related statements

Sanne Dekker et al, here you have 32 brain-related statements. Are they correct or incorrect?

  1. We use our brains 24 h a day (C ).
  2. Children must acquire their native language before a second language is learned. If they do not do so neither language will be fully acquired (I).
  3. Boys have bigger brains than girls (C ).
  4. If pupils do not drink sufficient amounts of water (=6–8 glasses a day) their brains shrink (I).
  5. It has been scientifically proven that fatty acid supplements (omega-3 and omega-6) have a positive effect on academic achievement (I).
  6. When a brain region is damaged other parts of the brain can take up its function (C ).
  7. We only use 10% of our brain (I).
  8. The left and right hemisphere of the brain always work together (C ).
  9. Differences in hemispheric dominance (left brain, right brain) can help explain individual differences amongst learners (I).
  10. The brains of boys and girls develop at the same rate (I).
  11. Brain development has finished by the time children reach secondary school (I).
  12. There are critical periods in childhood after which certain things can no longer be learned (I).
  13. Information is stored in the brain in a network of cells distributed throughout the brain (C ).
  14. Learning is not due to the addition of new cells to the brain (C ).
  15. Individuals learn better when they receive information in their preferred learning style (e.g., auditory, visual, kinesthetic) (I).
  16. Learning occurs through modification of the brains’ neural connections (C ).
  17. Academic achievement can be affected by skipping breakfast (C ).
  18. Normal development of the human brain involves the birth and death of brain cells (C ).
  19. Mental capacity is hereditary and cannot be changed by the environment or experience (I).
  20. Vigorous exercise can improve mental function (C ).
  21. Environments that are rich in stimulus improve the brains of pre-school children (I).
  22. Children are less attentive after consuming sugary drinks and/or snacks (I).
  23. Circadian rhythms (“body-clock”) shift during adolescence, causing pupils to be tired during the first lessons of the school day (C ).
  24. Regular drinking of caffeinated drinks reduces alertness (C ).
  25. Exercises that rehearse co-ordination of motor-perception skills can improve literacy skills (I).
  26. Extended rehearsal of some mental processes can change the shape and structure of some parts of the brain (C ).
  27. Individual learners show preferences for the mode in which they receive information (e.g., visual, auditory, kinesthetic) (C ).
  28. Learning problems associated with developmental differences in brain function cannot be remediated by education (I).
  29. Production of new connections in the brain can continue into old age (C ).
  30. Short bouts of co-ordination exercises can improve integration of left and right hemispheric brain function (I).
  31. There are sensitive periods in childhood when it’s easier to learn things (C ).
  32. When we sleep, the brain shuts down (I).

 C = correct; I = incorrect.

ORCID (Open Researcher and Contributor ID)

The ORCID (Open Researcher and Contributor ID)  launched.


Oxford Handbooks Online

Oxford University Press has announced the re-launch ofOxford Handbooks Online,

List of OA Publishing London Journals

List of OA Publishing London Journals :

  1. Hard Tissue
  2. Head and Neck Oncology
  3. OA Alcohol
  4. OA Alternative Medicine
  5. OA Anaesthetics
  6. OA Anatomy
  7. OA Applied Physiology
  8. OA Arthritis
  9. OA Autism
  10. OA Autoimmune
  11. OA Behavioural Medicine
  12. OA Biochemistry
  13. OA Bioinformatics
  14. OA Biology
  15. OA Biotechnology
  16. OA Blood Transfusion
  17. OA Bone Marrow
  18. OA Breast Disease
  19. OA Cancer
  20. OA Cardiology
  21. OA Case Reports
  22. OA Cell and Tissue
  23. OA Clinical Pathology
  24. OA Clinical Pharmacology
  25. OA Clinical Trials
  26. OA Conservative Dentistry
  27. OA Critical Care
  28. OA Dental Implantology
  29. OA Dentistry
  30. OA Dermatology
  31. OA Diabetes
  32. OA Drug Design and Delivery
  33. OA Elderly Medicine
  34. OA Embryology
  35. OA Emergency Medicine
  36. OA Endocrinology
  37. OA Endodontology
  38. OA Endoscopic Surgery
  39. OA Epidemiology
  40. OA Evidence-Based Medicine
  41. OA Experimental Medicine
  42. OA Family Medicine
  43. OA Forensic Medicine
  44. OA Gastroenterology
  45. OA Genetics
  46. OA Gynaecology
  47. OA Haematology
  48. OA Hand
  49. OA Hepatology
  50. OA Immunodeficiency
  51. OA Immunology
  52. OA Infectious Diseases
  53. OA Inflammation
  54. OA Integrative Medicine
  55. OA Interventional Radiology
  56. OA Lasers
  57. OA Leukaemia
  58. OA Lymphoma
  59. OA Medical Education
  60. OA Medical Ethics and Law
  61. OA Medical Hypothesis
  62. OA Medical Leadership
  63. OA Medical Physics
  64. OA Medical Simulation
  65. OA Medical Statistics
  66. OA Medicine
  67. OA Metabolic Disease
  68. OA Microbiology
  69. OA Minimally Invasive Surgery
  70. OA Molecular and Cell Biology
  71. OA Molecular Oncology
  72. OA Musculoskeletal Medicine
  73. OA Nano-Bio-Technology
  74. OA Nephrology
  75. OA Neuro-Oncology
  76. OA Neuroradiology
  77. OA Neurosciences
  78. OA Neurosurgery
  79. OA Nuclear Medicine
  80. OA Nutrition & Dietetics
  81. OA Obesity & Bariatric Medicine
  82. OA Obstetrics
  83. OA Ophthalmology
  84. OA Optical Diagnostics
  85. OA Oral and Maxillofacial Surgery
  86. OA Oral Medicine
  87. OA Orthodontics
  88. OA Orthopaedics
  89. OA Osteoporosis
  90. OA Otolaryngology
  91. OA Paediatric Dentistry
  92. OA Paediatric Medicine
  93. OA Paediatric Surgery
  94. OA Pain Medicine
  95. OA Palliative Care
  96. OA Parasitology
  97. OA Pathology
  98. OA Periodontology
  99. OA Perioperative Medicine
  100. OA Pharmacology
  101. OA Photodynamic Applications
  102. OA Plastic Surgery
  103. OA Prosthetic Dentistry
  104. OA Proteomics
  105. OA Psychiatry
  106. OA Psychology
  107. OA Public Health
  108. OA Quality of Life
  109. OA Radiological Imaging
  110. OA Rehabilitation Medicine
  111. OA Reproductive Medicine
  112. OA Respiratory Medicine
  113. OA Rheumatology
  114. OA Robotic Surgery
  115. OA Sarcoma
  116. OA Sexually Transmitted Infections
  117. OA Spine
  118. OA Sports Medicine
  119. OA Stem Cells
  120. OA Stroke
  121. OA Substance Abuse
  122. OA Surgery
  123. OA Surgical Oncology
  124. OA Surgical Techniques
  125. OA Systematic Reviews
  126. OA Thoracic Surgery
  127. OA Thyroid
  128. OA Tissue Engineering
  129. OA Tobacco
  130. OA Toxicology
  131. OA Translational Research
  132. OA Transplant Surgery
  133. OA Trauma
  134. OA Tuberculosis
  135. OA Undergraduate Medicine
  136. OA Uro-Oncology
  137. OA Urology
  138. OA Vascular Surgery
  139. OA Veterinary Medicine
  140. OA Virology

Dr. Kirti Chandra Sahu from IIT, Hyderabad has been selected for the NASI – Young Scientist Platinum Jubilee Award in Physical Sciences

Dr. Kirti Chandra Sahu from the Department of Chemical Engineering has been selected for the NASI – Young Scientist Platinum Jubilee Award in Physical Sciences for the year 2012.

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