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IIT-Hyderabad has full faculty now

“The Indian Institute of Technology Hyderabad (IIT-H) is ahead of all the new IITs achieving 100 per cent faculty recruitment while all others suffer from faculty shortage ranging from 35 to 53 per cent.

“We made a conscious effort to fill up the posts as IITs are known by their faculty. It doesn’t mean that we recruited whoever applied. Quality is always the prime parameter for us,” the IIT-H Director, Professor. U.B. Desai said.

“IT industry and several scientific and research institutions that can complement research interests of the faculty is making them opt for Hyderabad,” said a professor. “Other new IITs lack such appeal.”

Prof. Desai says that he would like to have more faculty in the Computer Science department, but agrees that there is a severe shortage of qualified candidates across the world in that stream.

“The construction work is picking up pace and we hope to shift to the new campus partially by December 2013,” Prof. Desai said.

Source : The Hindu (dated 12/12/12)

Hindu Newspaper on 12-12-2012


Prof.U.B.Desai(Director, IIT Hyderabad) interaction with Kendriya Vidhyalayam students at Begumpet : 20th National Children’s Science Congress (NCSC)

Surprise of Little Scientists with their experiments at Kendriya Vidhyalayam

little scientists with their wonderful innovations

Dr Narasimha,M has won 2010 “IIME KHARE Award “

Dr.Narasimha Mangadoddy of the department of chemical engineering of the institute has won 2010 IIME KHARE Award for the best paper titled Multi-phase modelling of hydrocyclone:Validation of particle size distribution against sampling probe data authored by M.Narasimha, M.S. Brennan and P.N. Holtham. This paper was presented in the IIME International seminar on “Mineral Processing Technology-2010″ held at Jamshedpur during 15-17 December, 2010”

Dr Deepa, M received young scientist award for her “Low-cost Invenstion”.

Dr. Deepa, M received young scientist award form The National Academy of sciences, Allahabad. for her contribution  “frosting glass with an electric charge”.  A low-cost electrochromic device. More details

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