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Japan aid to IIT-Hyderabad


Japan will provide $174.8 million (around 870 cr) loan as development aid to the Indian Institute of Technology, Hyderabad (IIT-H), the biggest-ever foreign aid to an IIT, which experts said will have a leapfrog effect on the standard of higher education in the state and boost infrastructure.

Armed with the financial aid, IIT-H will erect nine state-of-the-art buildings, including a special technology centre, new academic blocks and a research park.

Authorities will also use some portion of the money to acquire lab equipment and officials said they would expand its current capacity and student strength from existing 1000 plus to more than 7,500 by 2018.

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The Indian Institute of Technology, Hyderabad (IIT-H), had no faculty of its own when it started in August 2008. It was dependent on IIT, Madras, for its premises and the teaching of its first batch of 167 students. The first faculty member, U B Desai, now director of IIT-H, joined the institute a year later.  IIT-H still works from a temporary campus but now has 94 faculty members and 1,068 students, nearly half of whom are pursuing post-graduate courses.

New courses

“We are ahead of others (new IITs) in terms of academics,” Prof. Desai said. He said IIT-H had courses not offered by any other IIT, such as engineering science, wireless sensor networks and cognitive radio. It also offers a B.Tech Minor in entrepreneurship. “We want our students to think like entrepreneurs. We want them to become employment generators not employment seekers,” says K V L Subramaniam, professor and head of the department of civil engineering.  This intention, though, is not being fulfilled just yet. About 90 per cent of students of the first batch, who graduated this year, took up jobs through campus placement, joining a growing mass of young job seekers in India — but distinguished by their IIT edge.

Placement officials said 50 companies, including Microsoft, Amazon, TCS, HP, ONGC and Mahindra & Mahindra, visited the campus. While Works Applications of Japan offered the highest annual pay packet of Rs 35 lakh, the highest salary offered by a domestic company was Rs 20 lakh. A student who applied on his own to Google for a job in California was recruited at a salary of Rs 50 lakh (all salaries are cost to company and include allowances). The campus placement for the class of 2013, with 168 students, has started and 50 of them received offers to join from companies like Morgan Stanley, PayPal, Dell, Mercedes Benz, Google and Flipkart. So far, the highest salary offered is Rs 35 lakh a year.  IIT-Hyderabad functions from the refurbished premises of an ordinance factory under the ministry of defence.  The state government allotted 570 acres of land to IIT-H to build a campus. The first phase of construction is expected to be complete by 2014.

Prince Gupta, a student from Lucknow, secured a rank of 2,800 in the 2009 IIT JEE . “Among the new IITs at that time, the one at Gandhinagar and Hyderabad had a better reputation. These two IITs are preferred,” he said. He is set to join Flipkart in June.

Academics Dean, Prof.Faiz Ahmed Khan, said IIT-H was a favoured destination even for faculty. “One of the reasons could be the chance of getting employment for their spouses’, he said.

Source :   REF: BUSINESS STANDARD, 01-02-2013

IIT, Hyderabad Campus with International standards

Sakshi Paper





Source :Sakshi  dated 07/01/2012

IIT-Hyderabad has full faculty now

“The Indian Institute of Technology Hyderabad (IIT-H) is ahead of all the new IITs achieving 100 per cent faculty recruitment while all others suffer from faculty shortage ranging from 35 to 53 per cent.

“We made a conscious effort to fill up the posts as IITs are known by their faculty. It doesn’t mean that we recruited whoever applied. Quality is always the prime parameter for us,” the IIT-H Director, Professor. U.B. Desai said.

“IT industry and several scientific and research institutions that can complement research interests of the faculty is making them opt for Hyderabad,” said a professor. “Other new IITs lack such appeal.”

Prof. Desai says that he would like to have more faculty in the Computer Science department, but agrees that there is a severe shortage of qualified candidates across the world in that stream.

“The construction work is picking up pace and we hope to shift to the new campus partially by December 2013,” Prof. Desai said.

Source : The Hindu (dated 12/12/12)

Hindu Newspaper on 12-12-2012

Shortage of teaching staff new IITs except IIT Hyderabad


Seven out of the eight new institutions(except IIT Hyderabad)  are yet to attract almost half the number of teachers that the central government had expected them to.

Source : India Today

Prof.U.B.Desai(Director, IIT Hyderabad) interaction with Kendriya Vidhyalayam students at Begumpet : 20th National Children’s Science Congress (NCSC)

Surprise of Little Scientists with their experiments at Kendriya Vidhyalayam

little scientists with their wonderful innovations

Dr. Kirti Chandra Sahu from IIT, Hyderabad has been selected for the NASI – Young Scientist Platinum Jubilee Award in Physical Sciences

Dr. Kirti Chandra Sahu from the Department of Chemical Engineering has been selected for the NASI – Young Scientist Platinum Jubilee Award in Physical Sciences for the year 2012.

India’s lab for higher education










Professor Uday Desai,  Director,  IIT  Hyderabad.

(Photo Courtesy of Higher Education )

“…..IN Australia, IITan is not a household word. It’s shorthand for engineering celebrity: a graduate from one of the elite Indian institutes of technology.

“If you go to Silicon Valley, that is where we started getting our fame,” says Uday Desai, director of Hyderabad’s new IIT. “Almost 60 per cent of the start-ups from Silicon Valley have a representative from an IIT.”

Source: Higher Education

IITH:New courses

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New look for IITH:future plans

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