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George Mason University Launches World’s First MOOC in Social Entrepreneurship

George Mason University Launches World’s First MOOC in Social Entrepreneurship

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Indian-born Vishakha Desai(expert on Asian art) has been appointed US Museum Board

Indian-American Appointed to US Museum Board, another as MIT Digital Learning Director
Indian-born Vishakha Desai, a leading expert on Asian art, has been appointed by the Obama administration as member of the National Museum and Library Services Board, a key administrative post. A graduate from Bombay University, Desai studied from the University of Michigan.
An Indian-American professor of mechanical engineering and IIT alumni has been appointed as the first director of digital learning of the prestigious Massachusetts Institute of Technology (MIT).Sanjay Sarma, the Fred Fort Flowers and Daniel Fort Flowers Professor of Mechanical Engineering, will work closely with the Institute faculty and students to assess how new models of online instruction might become integral parts of MIT students education. The announcement was made by MIT president L Rafael Reif.  A 1989 IIT alumni, Sarma has long worked to develop new instructional techniques for mechanical engineering students.
Source: The Indian Express (  22nd Nov 2012)

Ohio State University Joins MOOC

Ohio State University is now part of the massive open online course movement  More details :

Stanford announces 16 online courses

The university, which pioneered massive open online courses, unveils two new homegrown software platforms to host the courses.

An open-source platform called Class2Go

It is hosted on another new platform, Venture Lab,


list of fall quarter classes, with instructor, course title, start date and platform:

Andrew Ng, Machine Learning, Aug. 20, Coursera

Dan Boneh, Cryptography, Aug. 27, Coursera

Keith Devlin, Introduction to Mathematical Thinking, Sept. 17, Coursera

Daphne Koller, Probabilistic Graphical Models, Sept. 24, Coursera

Scott Klemmer, Human-Computer Interaction, Sept. 24, Coursera

Michael Genesereth, Introduction to Logic, Sept. 24, Coursera

Dan McFarland, Organizational Analysis, Sept. 24, Coursera

Kristin Sainani, Writing in the Sciences, Sept. 24, Coursera

Tim Roughgarden, Algorithms: Design and Analysis, Part 2, October, Coursera

Chuck Eesley, Technology Entrepreneurship, Fall, Venture Lab

Tina Seelig, A Crash Course on Creativity, Fall, Venture Lab

Paul Kim, Designing a New Learning Environment, Fall, Venture Lab

Kay Giesecke, Finance, Fall, Venture Lab

Clint Korver, Startup Boards: Advanced Entrepreneurship, Fall, Venture Lab

Bruce Clemens, Solar Cells, Fuel Cells and Batteries, Oct. 8, Class2Go

Nick McKeown and Philip Levis, An Introduction to Computer Networks, Oct. 8, Class2Go

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