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SLA Open Access science resources

Federated Searches:

  • DOE Information Systems Federated search covering Department of Energy related research, articles and conference proceedings
  • Science Gov – Searches over 50 U.S. Government science-related databases and websites
  • Maintained by Elsevier, this federated search covers journals and science related materials from the web
  • Federated search developed by the Department of Energy that covers national and international government science resources

Major Science Publisher Open Access Initiatives

Science Journals

  • BioMed Publisher of 220 open access peer-reviewed science, technology and medicine journals.
  • Directory of Open Access Focus on scientific journals using quality-controlled measures—somewhat spotty but decent international coverage
  • Publishers of 1700+ peer-reviewed science journals—older content is frequently open access
  • Public Library of Science Advocacy organization and publisher of 7 high quality peer-reviewed open access journals

Subject Specific Resources

  • Agriculture and agriculture-related database from the USDA
  • arXiv provides open access to nearly 800,000 e-prints in the area of physics, mathematics, computer science, quantitative biology, quantitative finance and statistics.
  • Digital library and search engine focused on computer and information science.
  • Defense Technical Information A searchable repository for all publicly accessible DOD science and technical research.
  • Database covering family planning and reproductive health with excellent international coverage.
  • PubChem –– The 3 databases in PubChem provide information on the biological activities of small molecules.
  • PubMed 22 million citations for biomedical literature from MEDLINE, life science journals, and on-line books.  Free full text is linked to when available.
  • From the United States National Library of Medicine databases on toxicology, hazardous chemicals, environmental health and toxic releases.
  • Transportation-related research covering 940,000 records of transportation research worldwide.
  • Universal Biological Indexer and Organizer uses names and taxonomic intelligence about organisms

Source: SLA Open Access science resources

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