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Why? U.S. Colleges:The new york times

Before Applying to U.S. Colleges, Indian Students Should Be Able to Answer ‘Why?’

“Today, with more than 170 universities and 6,000 affiliated colleges, the number of universities in India offering undergraduate and graduate degrees has grown, and continues to do so. Despite this, the average Indian teenager applying to college now continues (in the absence of financial and other constraints), to list the United States as the destination of first choice. While the Indian brain drain of the ’70s was confined to students from the Indian Institutes of Technology (IIT) arriving on U.S. shores in search of master’s and doctoral degrees in engineering and business, today’s brain drain would include younger students seeking to earn undergraduate degrees.

Why do you want to come here?

This tends to be the first question I like to ask. Certainly, the pursuit of knowledge is an end in itself, and degrees never hurt. It is useful, however, to think about a longer-term goal even before you decide to apply. Are you coming here “just because”? Or are you coming with the goal of returning to India so you can put your skills to work in an emerging economy? Perhaps you are coming here with the goal of settling down in the U.S. because your cousins live here and everything you hear about making the country your home is wonderful. The answer to these questions will and must have an impact on the colleges to which you choose to apply.”  –LATHA RAMCHAND (Dean  of  C.T. Bauer College of Business )


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